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At CB Kennels, we understand that your dog is an integral part of your family. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing unparalleled care for your beloved pups. Our commitment to excellence means your pet will experience a home away from home where comfort, safety, and fun are our top priorities.


On-Premises Care: At CB Kennels, we take pride in offering on-premises care 24/7. Unlike some dog boarding facilities, we do not lock the doors and go home to return the next day. Our dedicated staff is always here, ensuring your pet's well-being and happiness.


Small Facility: We are a small, cozy facility, and the most dogs we can house at any given time is 14. This limited capacity allows us to provide personalized attention to each guest.


No Crates: Each dog at CB Kennels enjoys their own spacious suite. These suites are not crates but private rooms with a door to an outside run. Your dog has the freedom to move inside and outside, and even in their own temperature-controlled environment. This setup minimizes stress and enhances their comfort.


Air Conditioned and Heated: Our facility is equipped with air conditioning to maintain a cool 77 degrees when it's warm and heating to keep a comfortable 70 degrees during colder days. We use ceiling fans and an exhaust fan for optimal climate control.


Real Grass Play Yard: We have a 30x75 play area covered in real grass. Each dog visits this area at least three times daily, providing plenty of opportunities for exercise and play. Our on-site staff ensures their safety and enjoyment.


No Co-Mingling: For safety and peace of mind, only dogs that come in together will go out together unless both owners give permission for them to play together.


Comfortable Flooring: Our facility was designed in Pennsylvania and transported to North Carolina. We've taken care to meet all NC regulations, including using poly decking flooring, ensuring your pet's comfort.


Unique Location: CB Kennels is located on a 14+ acre horse farm, providing a distinct and enriching environment for your pet. While outdoors, they can see horses, chickens, ducks, and our equestrians in action. They'll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the farm, creating a stimulating experience.


Generator Equipped: We're well-prepared for any power outages with a generator-equipped site. You can trust that your pet's safety and comfort are our top priorities.


Licensed and Inspected: We are proud to be a licensed and regularly inspected facility by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This ensures that we meet the standards set by the Animal Welfare Act and its Administrative Codes.


"We started taking our rescued silky cocker there about 2 years ago. He has separation anxiety and Chris took extra care of him when we left him. He truly loves the dogs and goes over and above to make sure they are well cared for. We highly recommend him for boarding. He even has day care if you need to go off for the day!!"

James Cannon

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