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About CB Kennels

CB Kennels is more than just a dog care facility; we're a family of animal lovers dedicated to providing top-notch care for your pups. We pride ourselves on maintaining an environment that ensures your pet feels loved, secure, and comfortable during their stay with us.

Leave Your Pet in Good Hands

CB Kennels is located on CB Stables, a 14+ acre horse farm in Clarendon, NC. We are an elite boarding facility at a reasonable price. The owner lives on the property, allowing us to provide 24/7 care for your pet during its stay with us. Our goal is to provide the very best experience for your pet while you are away, free from the stress of worrying about your animal.

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Meet the Owner

When checking in your pet, you will be met by Chris Costello. Dogs are genuinely Chris's passion. He has experience in various aspects of the animal industry. He has a history of training dogs for dog shows and managing a kennel and multiple pet stores located in New York. After moving to North Carolina in 2017, Chris decided to use this knowledge and continue his passion for working with animals.

Our Mission

Providing the utmost care and compassion for your dog during its stay with us is our number one concern. We want your pets to feel as comfortable as they would while in their own home when staying with us while keeping a reasonable price. Here at CB Kennels, we also hold a strong passion for rescuing animals. Since arriving in North Carolina, we have been able to rescue seven dogs as well as five horses and find them forever homes, where they have been loved and cared. To continue our passion, we intend to allocate a percentage of our earnings towards rescue efforts.

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